Join Connections High School and take charge of your education! 

Connections High School,
202 Pleasant Ave.  Staples,  MN  
218-894-5400  (3168)

Accepting applications for 2016-17 school year. 
Call 218-894-5400 (3168) to set up a time to visit the school!

Connections High School is located at Staples Motley High School and is another high school option for individuals.  It is the only project based school in the area. 

The guiding principles of Connections High School are:

1.  Project-based learning is the framework:  Do.  Apply. Reflect
2.  Connections High School is a multi-grade 9th - 12th classroom with daily advisories.
3.  Connections is grounded in core standards in math, science and language arts.
4.  Academic skills and work skills:  attendance, positive attitude, cooperation,
initiative and communication skills have equal importance.
5.  Students are responsible for their learning; adults serve as facilitators
6.  Students learn without limits and across disciplines within and outside of the school building.
7.  Students plan and goal set for the present and future.
8.  Students serve others and the community. 

Connections high school has full and part-time staff and a governing board that meets monthly.

Itis located on the west side of Staples Motley High School in one wingof the school.  However, students can enroll for up to two electives(not including Career and Technical classes) at Staples Motley HighSchool and they can participate in all extra-curricular activities andevents.

To Learn more, contact 218-894-5400   Ext. 3168