Lisa Kajer
Lisa Kajer is the secretary for the Connections Founding Board.  Lisa has been involved in education since 1973.  She has taught at the following levels:  Prekindergarten, kindergarten, high school,and adults.  Most of her educational experience has been teaching Family and Consumer Science courses in  the United States.  In addition,she taught in the Early Childhood Education Center at the American Embassy School in New Delhi, India for three years.   Lisa has written a variety of grants and coordinated the Freshwater MN ENABL (Education Now and Babies Later) program for the Freshwater Education District.  Lisa has been employed by the Staples School District, Woodland Cooperative Center, Freshwater Education District, Staples Technical College, and Staples Motley High School, where she is presently teaching.  She is also currently teaching online courses for the Digital Learning Solutions by     NJPA.