Parent Letter on Project Show Case Nights

Will my child get a good education?

There are now two options for high school students who enroll at ISD 2170.  The traditional high school or a project based school (Connections High School) with an emphasis on career and technical education.  Students will  earn 27 credits to graduate from Connections High School.  They will meet all MN graduation requirements and pass all MN tests required to receive a high school diploma from Staples Motley.  The great part about being two schools in one building is that students have the opportunity to participate in electives offered at Staples Motley High School (Career and Technical Courses, Spanish, Physical Education and Music) as well as be a part of any or all of the extra-curricular activities offered at ISD 2170. 

At Connections High School the credits and graduation requirements will be met by being enrolled in seminars or through individual and group projects.  Many of the projects will be designed by your child so he/she will feel like they have some control over what they learn. This type of learning is called, Project Based Learning, and it has proven to be very successful.   Click on the link and learn more:  Project Based Learning, A Resource for Parents

Your student will take assessments upon entering the school, to determine his/her reading and math ability.  Learning styles inventories and career interest assessments will also be part of your child's Individual Learning Plan (ILP).   This plan will help your child to focus and accomplish the skills and abilities he/she needs to be successful in high school, in post-secondary education, and in work!

Our mission is to build connections to their future and we understand that you are partner in this process as well! 

You may be interested in the information below that is from the Minnesota Career and Technical Education website.

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Pathways to Success: A guide for Minnesota parents (pdf)
This guide was developed in partnership with iSEEK and the Minnesota Department of Education to help parents talk to their teen about career pathways, talk about the career development process and today's labor market.

Project Foundry Coaching Link (must have password to open the page)